The to tal co st o f the system was just 52 millio n

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Unformatted text preview: Maryland will help with the research ef f o rt. Of co urse, yo u wo uldn’t want to co mpletely trust a Watso n reco mmendatio n. While Watso n was go o d eno ugh to be to urnament champ, IBM’s baby missed a f inal Jeo pardy answer o f “Chicago ” because it answered that To ro nto was a U.S. city. Source: ht t p ://www. ibm. com/p res s . One o f the f irst custo mers o f Deep Blue techno lo gies was United Airlines, which gained an ability to examine three hundred and f if ty tho usand f light path co mbinatio ns f o r its scheduling systems—a f igure well ahead o f the previo us limit o f three tho usand. Estimated savings thro ugh better yield management? Over $ 50 millio n! Finance f o und uses, to o . An early ado pter was CIBC (the Canadian Imperial Bank o f Co mmerce), o ne o f the largest banks in No rth America. Each mo rning CIBC uses a superco mputer to run its po rtf o lio thro ugh Mo nte Carlo simulatio ns that aren’t all that dif f erent f ro m the math used to simulate nuclear explo sio ns. An early ado pter o f the techno lo gy, at the time o f deplo yment, CIBC was the o nly bank that internatio nal regulato rs allo wed to calculate its o wn capital needs rather than use bo ilerplate ratio s. That cut capital o n hand by hundreds o f millio ns o f do llars, a substantial percentage o f the bank’s capital, saving millio ns a year in f unding co sts. Also no tewo rthy: the superco mputer-enabled, risk-savvy CIBC was relatively unscathed by the subprime crisis. Mo dern superco mputing is typically do ne via a technique called massively parallel pro cessing (co mputers designed with many micro pro cesso rs that wo rk to gether, simultaneo usly, to so lve pro blems). The f astest o f these superco mputers are built using hundreds o f micro pro cesso rs, all pro grammed to wo rk in uniso n as o ne big brain. While superco mputers use special electro nics and so f tware to handle the massive lo ad, the pro cesso rs themselves are o f ten o f the o f f -the-shelf variety that yo u’d f ind in a typical P C. Virginia Tech created what at the time was the wo rld’s thirdf astest superco mputer by using chips f ro m 1,100 Macinto sh co mputers lashed to gether with o f f the-shelf netwo rking co mpo nents. The to tal co st o f the system was just $ 5.2 millio n, f ar less than the typical co st f o r such burly hardware. The Air Fo rce recently issued a request-f o r-pro po sal to purchase 2,200 P layStatio n 3 systems in ho pes o f craf ting a supercheap, superpo werf ul machine using o f f -the-shelf parts. Ano ther techno lo gy, kno wn as grid comput ing, is f urther transf o rming the eco no mics o f superco mputing. With grid co mputing, f irms place special so f tware o n its existing P Cs o r servers that enables these co mputers to wo rk to gether o n a co mmo n pro blem. Large o rganizatio ns may have tho usands o f P Cs, but they’re no t necessarily being used all the time, o r at f ull capacity. With grid so f tware installed o n them, these idle devices can be marshaled to attack po rtio ns o f a co mple...
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