Eleusinian Mysteries

Eleusinian Mysteries - about the initiation o Hiera(special...

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Eleusinian Mysteries Religion from the Bronze Age open to all Greeks except murderers o Mainly practiced in Athens and Eleusis After initiation you are promised an afterlife with Demeter Initiated in Eleusis Ended around the 4 th century A.D. If you told about the initiation – you would die (hence, we don’t know a whole lot
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Unformatted text preview: about the initiation) o Hiera (special things) brought from Eleusis to Athens o People to be initiated called mystai o Had to sacrifice a piglet in the sea o Procession to Eleusis o Drank kykeon o At night – taken to the Telesterian where “things seen and things heard” o And that’s all we know...
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