Hephaestus - o Zeus wants her out of the chair o Olympians...

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Hephaestus Roman: Vulcan Only imperfect Olympian (lame and ugly) God of metal working, craftsmanship with fire, and volcanoes o Other gods associated with fire are Zeus (lightening) and Prometheus (gave fire to humans) Birth Version 1 o Zeus and Hera have Hephaestus o Zeus doesn’t like him and throws him off of Olympus, where he hits the island Lemnos Birth Version 2 o Hera creates Hephaestus by herself because she is jealous of Zeus’ creating Athena by himself o Gets angry when the child turns out to be ugly and lame o Hera throws him from Olympus, lands in the Ocean and raised by Thetis Broods about parents’ mistreatment o Makes an amazing throne for Hera, she sits in it and is trapped
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Unformatted text preview: o Zeus wants her out of the chair o Olympians go to Hephaestus, he doesn’t want to let her go o Dionysus goes and gets Hephaestus drunk, and takes him back to Olympus where he sets Hera free • Fashioned the shape of Pandora • Made chains of Prometheus • Split Zeus’ head to release Athena • Made his assistants of gold • Works with the Cyclopes (who make lightening for Zeus) • Makes Achilles’ armor for the Trojan War • Makes golden net to trap Aphrodite and Ares in their affair • Why is he ugly? o Lameness doesn’t allow him to participate in war/farming/politics o Link to craftsmanship...
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