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Hephaestus Roman: Vulcan Only imperfect Olympian (lame and ugly) God of metal working, craftsmanship with fire, and volcanoes o Other gods associated with fire are Zeus (lightening) and Prometheus (gave fire to humans) Birth Version 1 o Zeus and Hera have Hephaestus o Zeus doesn’t like him and throws him off of Olympus, where he hits the island Lemnos Birth Version 2 o Hera creates Hephaestus by herself because she is jealous of Zeus’ creating Athena by himself o Gets angry when the child turns out to be ugly and lame o Hera throws him from Olympus, lands in the Ocean and raised by Thetis Broods about parents’ mistreatment o Makes an amazing throne for Hera, she sits in it and is trapped
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Unformatted text preview: o Zeus wants her out of the chair o Olympians go to Hephaestus, he doesnt want to let her go o Dionysus goes and gets Hephaestus drunk, and takes him back to Olympus where he sets Hera free Fashioned the shape of Pandora Made chains of Prometheus Split Zeus head to release Athena Made his assistants of gold Works with the Cyclopes (who make lightening for Zeus) Makes Achilles armor for the Trojan War Makes golden net to trap Aphrodite and Ares in their affair Why is he ugly? o Lameness doesnt allow him to participate in war/farming/politics o Link to craftsmanship...
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