Class 7 - Memory Issues

Othermemoryimprovementtips othermemoryimprovementtips

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Unformatted text preview: al cues are available Another Memory Improvement Another Memory Improvement Method ► Encoding specificity: we’re more likely to remember information when we are in a condition that resembles the condition that we were in when we learned the information Language studies Mood dependency Situation dependency ►Baddelley’s scuba diving experiment State dependency ►When you’re using caffeine… ►When you’re using alcohol? Other Memory Improvement Tips Other Memory Improvement Tips ► Increased number of learning sessions Allows for you to sustain deeper processing Increase the number of primacy and recency effects ► Mnemonic devices – encoding/storage techniques that aid in the process of information retrieval Acronyms ►OCEAN Chunking (by item or concept) ►List #1 ►List #2 The method of loci ►Gro...
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