Class 7 - Memory Issues

Reconstructingstoriesandaddingdetails subwayvideo

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Unformatted text preview: l is lost (forgotten) due to new material ►Fruits ►Old lock combinations Things That Impact Memory Abilities ► Reconstruction effect: our tendency to include inaccurate information into our memories in an attempt to “fill in the gaps” or “fix the errors” Reconstructing stories and adding details ►Subway video ►Word list 4 ►Note: This happens a lot more than we think it does! It can cause us to recall things that never occurred ►Elizabeth Loftus’s mall study It can also cause us to alter our memory of our past thinking (aka the hindsight bias) ►“I never really liked him/her much anyway.” ►Sporting outcome study How do we improve How do we improve our memories? ► Levels of processing theory – conversion of information from STM to LTM is dictated by your approach to the information ► Why? More time spent on the information More retriev...
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