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Class 7 - Memory Issues

Thingsthatimpactmemory thingsthatimpactmemory

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Unformatted text preview: sts of words. Please follow the instructions and try to the best you can in each activity. Things That Impact Memory Things That Impact Memory Abilities ► Serial order (position) effect: retention of information/items is easier or more difficult due to when it is presented with respect to information/items Primacy effect: the ability to remember information at the beginning more easily ►Word lists 1 & 3 (primacy effect) ►Word list 2 (primacy effect removed) Recency effect: the ability to remember information at the end more easily ►Word lists 1 & 2 (recency effect) ►Word list 3 (recency effect removed) Things That Impact Memory Abilities (cont.) ► Interference: information can be lost or less accurate due to an overlap of similar information ►Proactive interference: new material is lost (not easily stored) due to old material ►Flowers ►New names of classmates after a number of semesters at school ►Retroactive interference: old materia...
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