Class 6 - Introducing Memory

Donotwrite themdownuntilyouareinstructedtodo so

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Unformatted text preview: that passed before testing himself after just reading the nonsense syllables Number of times that he read the nonsense syllables Getting a Sense of What He Did Getting a Sense of What He Did ► Listen to the list of nonsense syllables that are about to be read to you. Do not write them down until you are instructed to do so. So what? What does that mean? So what? What does that mean? ► Ebbinghaus’ work led us to conclusions about how the mind functions when storing meaningless information that we are asked to recall. It also led other researchers to begin exploring memory in a more systematic way. ► However, his work didn’t tell us about… our ability to remember information when we are asked to reproduce it in a different manner (this class) the different types of memory that we have (this class) memory capacity for meaningful information (next class) how our reproduction of information might be altered (next class) Different Types of Memory Tests Different Types of Memory Tests ► Free Recall Ebbinghaus’ work ► Cued Recall ► Recognition ► Savings ► Implicit Memory Performance States and sentences Name the dwarfs Elemental tables example Impaired memory example Instructions: Cued Cued Recall Example s ►Name all 50 states… ►Read the following sentences… The cat scratched the dog in the face The orange smelled like it was rotten My brother borrowed my helmet for the weekend ► Now to name all 50 states Cued Cued Recall Examples Continued ► Try to recall the sentences Hint: Scar Hint: Putrid Hint: Biking Recognition Task Recognition Task Grouchy Gabby Fearful Sleepy Smiley Jumpy Hopeful Shy Droopy Dopey Sniffy Wishful Puffy DumpySneezy Pop Grumpy Bashful Cheerful Teach Shorty Nifty Happy Whee...
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