August 27 - The Minoans o Located on Crete middle of...

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Unformatted text preview: August 27, 2007 The Minoans o Located on Crete middle of Babylon, Egypt, many trade routes o 1st complex civilization o 3 main areas: Knossos = biggest o In Greek mythology Birthplace of Zeus Homeland of underworld judges Home of the Minotaur (mistrust by other Greeks) o Beginning of archaeology 1899 Catalogues everything Re-create society (very bias to upper class) o What we found see lecture notes o Small city-states (few thousand) Not a lot of weapons, walls, chariots, etc. Palaces stored large food provisions for famine and trading o Economy Soviet-esque Redistributive through palace Complex administration (caused development of script) Trade throughout the Mediterranean o Social structure from city layouts Big/rich at the top of a hill Priest/king workers slaves (maybe) Inter-city relationship unclear Relative equality for women Center on goddess worship Active in society Religion o Polytheistic Nature goddesses City-protection Male/female pairs family of gods Similar across the cities o Rituals Sacrifice, processions, festivals, cults Way of bargaining with the gods Control violence in community Sacred places (hilltops, palaces, etc.) Burial collective tombs, buried with objects 1628 snapshot of history (like Pompeii) o Dress, gym, mountain shrine, fishing, lyre o Changes whole planets temperature o Paintings/frescoes preserved Power through trade/ships (thalassocracy) o Legend of Minos o Integration into foreign economics/politics Lots of Egyptian stuff (called Keftiu) Cultural Achievements o Surplus (BIG DEAL) o 1st European script (from Egypt) Syllabry, not alphabet More for records/palaces o Artisans vases, mask, painting, metalwork o Buildings multi-story "labyrinth" at Knossos Paved roads ...
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August 27 - The Minoans o Located on Crete middle of...

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