August 31 - The Mycenaen Palaces • Peak of...

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Unformatted text preview: August 31, 2007 The Mycenaen Palaces • Peak of Power (1500-1300) o Relationship with Minoans Adopt same society Take over and refurbish Linear A = Linear B o Palaces Minoan model • Similar: re-distributive economy, architecture, administration • Different: smaller, defense-conscious, use of space (megaron) Centralized administration • Linear B = earliest Greek language (~1500 BCE) • Syllabry, purely administrative • Decoded by Ventris Display power (intimidation factor) o Major site: Knossos, Pylos, Sparta, Tiryns, Mycenae, Argos, Athens, Thebes Interaction among palace centers Evidence • Organization, architecture, Linear B • Against: tablets don’t mention palaces outside own providence • Palace Soceity (generalization) o Social structure Deduced from Linear B and organization, distribution of wealth Incomplete records Hierarchical (Ex: fortifications) o Officials Wanax – priest/king, head of palace Lawagetas – head of court, military...
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August 31 - The Mycenaen Palaces • Peak of...

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