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December 3 - Review for Exam 2

December 3 - Review for Exam 2 - December 3 2007 Exam 2...

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December 3, 2007 Exam 2 Review The Persian Wars o The Persian Empire (where, when, conquests) Persian government, kingship, forces Relations between Greece and Persia to 490 BCE o Round 1: Marathon (490 BCE) o Interwar Years (490-480): Persian, Athens, Hellenic League o Round 2 (480-479 BCE) Thermopylae (Leonidas and the 300) and Artemision Persian occupation of Athens Salamis; Plataia, Mykale o The Delian League (477 BCE): members, aims, finances The Peloponnesian War o Delian League > Athenian Empire (contribution > tribute; treasury) Tensions between Athens (aggressive) and Sparta (problems) o “First Peloponnesian War” (460-46): Boiotia, Attica (invaded) 30 Years’ Peace (consequences for Athens) o Peloponnesian War (431-404) Perikles’ strategy (fleet, walls; plague) Sphakteria, Amphipolis (deaths), Peace of Nikias (421) Sicilian Invasion (415-3; Alkibiades): consequences Lysander and Persia Final defeat of Athens (404): rule of the 30; Socrates Aftermath of Peloponnesian War o Rapidly shifting power Spartan Hegemony (404-394): imperialistic, trouble at home Corinthian War (395-86) and King’s Peace (Ionian Greeks)
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