Earth 2 W14 syllabus

Laboratory sections students must attend the

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Unformatted text preview: from 12:00 - 3:00p. For each exam you will need a Pink Scantron® answer sheet (F- 1712- PAR- L) and a #2 pencil. I will let you know if you need a calculator for the exams, but cell phones will not be allowed nor any other electronic devices. th Midterm exam (worth XX%): Monday, February 10 , during class. Consists of multiple- choice questions; possibly some open- ended questions. The questions may have different weights: an essay question will be worth more points than a multiple- choice question. st Final exam (worth XX%): Friday, March 21 , 12- 3 pm. Consists of multiple- choice questions; possibly some open- ended questions. The final will be cumulative, with a greater emphasis on the material from the second part of class (two thirds to three quarters of the questions). Laboratory Sections: Students must attend the laboratory section in which they are enrolled every week and complete all pre- lab and lab exercises, unless prior arrangements have been made. The pre- lab must be completed and handed in at the beginning of lab for credit. You’ll be allowed to participate in the lab exercises only after handing in a pre- lab. All lab materials are available on the course’s GauchoSpace website. You will need to print the pre- lab & lab exercises from this site. PLEASE NOTE: Students not regularly attending laboratory sections and not completing satisfactory work (defined as earning >65% of possible points) will not pass the course, REGARDLESS OF EXAM GRADES. Course grades are NOT negotiable. We are happy to help you earn the grade you desire during the quarter, but please don’t come to any of...
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