Earth 2 W14 syllabus

The question will be either posed in class outside of

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Unformatted text preview: lecture days that include the use of i>clicker questions you will receive one point for participating regardless of the answer you choose unless noted otherwise (during in- class quizzes for example, see below). Participation means having reacted to 75% of the posed i>clicker questions; so if you miss one question it may not influence your grade for that day. Your lowest three (3) daily i>clicker grades will be dropped, so if you forget your i>clicker or need to miss a lecture there is some leeway. If athletics or other commitments require you to miss class, those absences will be part of your three drops, so plan accordingly. You will find a folder with more information on the use of i>clickers on GauchoSpace. Quizzes—Online and In- Class: There may be occasional on- line quizzes (TBA) given on GauchoSpace (announced in class or via email). Quizzes will have four or five questions each, and you would have a total of ten minutes from the time you log in; the window for completion of a quiz will most likely be 48 hours. In- class quizzes may or may not be announced in class or via email. In that case, your chosen answer will count as being either correct or incorrect. Assignments: On a few occasions, you may also be given small in- class or homework assignments. These assignments will be completed individually or together with classmates from your lab sections. They may consist of one of the following: - - “Question of the Day”: open- ended thought questions that...
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