Earth 2 W14 syllabus

We will emphasize the study of the grand unifying

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Unformatted text preview: work in the Earth's interior and on the surface. The course is designed for any student who is interested in the Earth and who would like to gain more knowledge and appreciation of the physical and chemical environment s/he lives in. Although you may not be science majors, this course will introduce you to scientific reasoning and principles of the earth sciences, physics, chemistry and biology. We will emphasize the study of the "Grand Unifying Theory" in geology- - Plate Tectonics- - to gain an understanding of the occurrence of volcanoes and earthquakes, as well as of many of the Earth's topographic features. Exams will cover PowerPoint materials given in class, handouts, information from films and slides shown in class, and from your labs. This course has no prerequisites. You need to be concurrently enrolled in one of the lab sections that accompany this lecture class. 1 Syllabus EARTH- 2 W14 COMPONENTS OF YOUR GRADE Your course grade will be based on the following: • Midterm Exam (30- 35%) • Final Exam (35- 40%) • Lab Section Grade (20%; based on attendance, preparation, participation, and quiz scores) • Class Participation (10%; attendance/clicker questions, assignments, pop quizzes etc.) Course Grades will be assigned using the following percentage scheme: A+ >97, A 93- 96, A- 90- 92; B+ 87- 89, B 83- 86, B- 80- 82; C+ 75- 79, C 70- 74, C- 65- 69; D 50- 64; F < 50. th Examinations: There will be one 75- minute in- lecture midterm (Monday, February 10 ), and a cumulative st final examination, held on Friday, March 21 ,...
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