Earth 2 W14 syllabus

We will use iclickers throughout lectures including

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Unformatted text preview: us seeking to improve your grade after the quarter is over. Required Field Trip Fee: There is a required, one- day, weekend field trip associated with this course. To partially offset the cost of this trip, enrolled students’ BARC accounts will be charged ~$10.00. At your second st nd th th th lab section meeting, come prepared to sign up for one of the four dates – March 1 , 2 , 8 or 9 (March 15 th or 16 may be used if prior trips need to be cancelled due to inclement weather). More details to come… You can make up a missed exam, pop quiz, or clicker points only if you inform me as soon as possible of your absence AND have a qualifying excuse. I may require written proof that explains why your absence was necessary. If there are extreme circumstances, feel free to discuss them with me. If the exam has already been returned to the class, you can make it up by taking an exam that consists of essay questions only or by meeting with me for an oral examination. Class Participation (XX%): Starting in Week 2, we will use i>clickers in class to gauge your understanding of the material read or presented; to help you with exam preparations; to use for pop- or on- line quizzes; and to poll your interest, opinions, etc. We will use i<clickers throughout lectures, including at the beginning and at the end, therefore, it is crucial to be on time and prepared for each lecture. Note: The i>clicker frequency for HFH is AA. 2 Syllabus EARTH- 2 W14 i>clicker grading - Participation: On all...
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