Earth 2 W14 syllabus

Whether you are allowed to make up that lab is

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Unformatted text preview: are based on the required reading, class lecture or that relate to the content that is coming up in class. The answer would typically require a three- to four- sentence response, unless specified differently. The question will be either posed in class, outside of class by email, or is available on GauchoSpace. The answer needs to be either sent electronically or turned in as a printed hard copy. Mode of delivery and due dates will be specified in class. Points will be given according to the timeliness of the posting and quality of your assignment. - - Completing worksheets - - Polling your family or friends about a given topic or event - - Exploration of your environment to search for and document evidence of geologic processes. GauchoSpace ( The course website will be updated regularly throughout the quarter. Here you’ll find the syllabus, weekly Pre- Labs, Labs, field trip information, quizzes, and the lecture graphics. How to Study Geology: The study of geology is rewarding and enlightening in that it gives us a deeper appreciation of the natural landscapes and physical processes operating around us. Some students will find this subject challenging since the size of objects we will study varies from subatomic...
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