Write down a formula to do this given the data on

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Unformatted text preview: A1. Write down a formula to do this. Given the data on total annual percentage return (TAPR) for different financial instruments presented in a worksheet, write appropriate Excel functions to retrieve data on: 1) how many Small Cap Stocks had return greater than 20% during the period 1987-2007 (decide yourself on appropriate function!), 2) what was the return for Large Cap Stocks in year 2000 (use =VLOOKUP() Excel function for that), and 3) for how many years data on TAPR is available (decide yourself on appropriate function!). Using the table below, write down a =VLOOKUP() function to find Quarter 4 sales for Thatcher. Given the data on students performance on a course presented in a worksheet, write =VLOOKUP() function to retrieve data on Final Exam (FE) grade for student with Last Name “Ali”. Explain the difference between relative, absolute and mixed references in Excel....
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