November 7 - November 7 2007 Ancient Greek Philosophy...

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November 7, 2007 Ancient Greek Philosophy Pre-Socratic Philosphy o Philosophy, philos “friend of” + Sophia “wisdom” o Principles Being/seeming: belief that conventional wisdom is inadequate Unity/diversity: search for an underlying principles Unifying element (water, fire, atoms etc.) Mathematics: system maps/shows underlying unity God(s), humans and the search for justice Nature of god (anthropomorphism, accessibility, action) God(s) and men (obligations to the divine; traditional religion) Theodicy (question of whether gods are just) Nature of the soul, matter, universe Search for interconnections among soul and rest of universe Composition of soul, body, world, plants, animals, etc. o Origins at edges of Greek world Ionia Magna Graecia o “The Ionian Enlightenment” Sixth century BCE Flowering of liberal arts Cp. lyric poetry Tyrants patronize artists, thinkers Proximity to Near East Babylonian astrology Mystical sects (ex: Magi) The Ionian Enlightenment o The Milesians (from Miletos) (6 th century) Thales: one of the “Seven Sages,” first Greek astronomer Measures pyramids brings geometry from Egypt Predicts eclipse of 585 Soul immortal Unifying principle: water Anaximander: student of Thales First writer of Greek prose, mapmaker World arises through opposites Proposes humans evolved from fish
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November 7 - November 7 2007 Ancient Greek Philosophy...

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