November 26 - Hellenistic Greece Literature and Culture The...

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November 26, 2007 Hellenistic Greece: Literature and Culture The Hellenistic poleis: new colonies o Panhellenism: colonists drawn from numerous poleis Ex: Zeus as “poliad deity” in Bactria o Syncretism: fusion of Hellenic, Persian and native institutions Ex: bilingual Ptolemaic Egyptian inscriptions o Partial Hellenization of Asia Spread of games, drama, temples etc. Helps create conditions for diffusion of Christianity Hellenistic society o New opportunities in colonial world Women: greater freedom (especially upper classes) Powerful queens (Olympias, Ptolemaic queens) New colonies: participating in business, lawcourts etc. Ex: women visiting Asklepios shrine in Herondas o Greeks and non-Greeks Koinê Greek becomes language of commerce, diplomacy Greeks serve in civil service across Mediterranean and Asia Segregation: separate Greek quarters in urban centers o Hellenistic religion: influx of new ideas Ecstatic cults: Isis, Magna Mater, Mithras, etc. Revealed religion : Judaism, Christianity Ptolemaic Alexandria o Foundation : by Alexander (331 BCE) ; capital city of Ptolemaic Egypt Athenian model: demes, ekklesia, boulê, archons o Population Panhellenic: drawn from across Greek world Non-Greek: ethnic Egyptians, Jews o Monuments Tomb of Alexander, museum, gymnasium, temples, lighthouse
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November 26 - Hellenistic Greece Literature and Culture The...

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