October 1 - October 1, 2007 Early Sparta Sparta and Laconia...

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Early Sparta Sparta and Laconia o Earliest Sparta Site of earliest Mycenaen palace (moderate size) LBA collapse: no detectable habitation 1050-950 o Sparta (also called Lakedaimon) and Laconia Location: river valley surrounded by mountains Natural resources: limited; no direct access to the sea Unification of polis territory (EIA) Synoecism of the five villages Internal colonization: Sparta and Messenia Combined territory (Lakonia + Messenia): 3000 mi 2 Spartan Ideologies o Constructed identities Homeric Sparta: opulent and feminized (Menelaos and Helen) Dorian Invasion: invading warriors displace weak monarchy Reinforce anti-tyrant ideology, militarism o Militaristic state Ruled by military aristocracy, war-dependent economy Hoplite infantry: recognized as best in Greece Constant preparation for, engagement in war o Relations among citizens Equality for the enfranchised (restriction egalitarianism) Communal education, living quarters o World-view Warrior ethos Return “with your shield or on it” Poetry of Tyrtaios Conservatism: adherence to “traditional Hellenic values” Compare Athens Self-restraint, distrust of luxury (reputation vs. reality) “laconic”: speak briefly and bluntly Spartan expansion o North: ongoing conflicts with Argos, Mycenae, Corinth 7 th century: Pheidon’s Argos defeats Sparta in major battle (Hysiai) 6 th century War with Tegea ends in defeat (“Battle of Fetters”
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October 1 - October 1, 2007 Early Sparta Sparta and Laconia...

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