October 17 - Athenian dmokratia Democracy in Athens o...

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October 17, 2007 Athenian dêmokratia Democracy in Athens o Meaning: “people power” ( demos + kratos ) Demos : citizen body Citizens o Free adult males over 18 born in Attika o One or (after 451) two Attic native parents o Most do military service from 18-20 o Full citizenship (candidate for offices) at 30 Numbers: 20-30,000 in 5 th -4 th centuries o Total population of Attika: 2-3,000 Kinds of power exercised by the state Legislative, executive, judicial, religious, military Institutions and social groups o Traditional Greek institutions Assembly ( ekklêsia ): citizen body Limited by: steering committees, kinds of votes Executives ( archontes ): elected or appointed Supreme court (Areopagos): ex-archons Athens before Kleisthenes o Traditional Greek social-political groups Tribes ( phylai ): loose-knit groups Recognize common ancestor (mythical: hero cult) Districts (demes): villages, neighborhoods o Traditional institutions > concentration of power Land Basis of economic power in Greek poleis Big farms get bigger over course of Archaic period Emergence of powerful regional interests Urban, coast, inland: powerful families o Consequences Debt-bondage: beginnings of serf class Economic stagnation o Solon Economic and social reforms (early 6
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October 17 - Athenian dmokratia Democracy in Athens o...

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