October 31 - The Aftermath of the Peloponnesian War...

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October 31, 2007 The Aftermath of the Peloponnesian War Consequences of the Peloponnesian War o Economic Trade: infrastructure damage, depletion of merchant vessels Ill-will after three generations of conflicts Land: abandoned, ravaged by invading armies Years to recover: olives, grapes Workers: dead, displaced, malnourished Hoplite mercenaries (ex: Xenophon of Athens) o Demographic Depopulation, displacement New opportunities for disenfranchised (women, salves, etc.) Consequences for Athens o Rule of the Thirty at Athens (404 BCE) Lysander exerts control through oligarchs Kritias: ally of Alkibiades and Sokrates leads reign of terror Theramenes: flip-flopper chooses democratic side and pays for it o Democratic Revolution (403) Thrasyboulos emerges as new leader (death of Kritias) Thebes and Megara support (attitude toward Sparta) Thirty replaced by the Ten; democracy restored General amnesty for all but the Thirty Tried and executed over next few years Trial of Sokrates (339) Trial of Sokrates (399 BCE) o Philosopher and friend of aristocrats Reputation as “gadfly” Victim of democratic payback for 411 and 404 o Charges: religion covering for politics Corrupting youth (Alkibiades) Introducing new gods ( daimonion ) Disrespecting city gods
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October 31 - The Aftermath of the Peloponnesian War...

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