Materials as in woodworking up to 1870 tools in use

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Unformatted text preview: • The chief characteristics: low hot hardness and poor hardenability. • A typical composition: carbon 0-8~13%, silicon 0.1~0.4%, manganese 0.1~0.4%. • The higher the carbon content, the greater will be the hardness and the wear resistance. Carbon Tool Steel Fractional Bradpoint Drill Bits Threaded Shank Major Classes of Tool Materials 2. High-Speed Steels - Taylor discovered by heat-treatment process HSS consists of tungsten (18%) and chromium (4%); they may also contain cobalt, vanadium or molybdenum. - relatively inexpensive and tough - but have limited hot hardness and can be used up to 550C Coated HSS of a thin (1 to 2 micrometre) coating of TiN (RC 80-85) has a relatively ductile, shock-resistant core while the coating has exceptional wear resistance and lower friction. Major Classes of Tool Materials Type Type C W Mo Cr V Co Rc M- 2 M- 1...
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