Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

nomenclature binary ionic compound type ii similar

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Unformatted text preview: ____________ sodium sulfide sodium phosphide 2 2 x (-1) 2F- CoF3 3. Na2S ____________ Cobalt(II ) Fluoride Cobalt(III) Fluoride 3 3 x (-1) Practice: SnCl4 SnO SnO2 Tin(___) Chloride FClBrIO2S2N3- fluor-ide chlor-ide brom-ide iod-ide ox-ide sulf-ide nitr-ide Tin(___ ) Oxide Tin(IV) Oxide Any non Type 1 will have the Roman numerals. Nomenclature: Polyatomic Anions Polyatomic Anion – Group of ions with net charge. NH4+ NO3NO2SO42SO32PO43CO32OHCNO22C2H3O2- Ammonium Nitrate Nitrite Sulfate Sulfite Phosphate Carbonate Hydroxide Cyanide Peroxide Acetate -ite has one less O than –ate (1st memorize “-ate” then know “-ite.” HPO42- Hydrogen phosphate (biphosphate) HCO3- Hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HSO4- Hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO3- Hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite) Memorize the formula, the charge, and the name of these. Polyatomic Anions: -ates vs. -ites Oxyanions – Polyatomic Anions with Oxygen NO3- Nitrate NO2- Nitrite SO42- Sulfate SO32- Sulfite ClO3- Chlorate ClO2- Chlorite -ates have one more O than –ites ClO4- Perchlorate ClO3- Chlorate ClO2- Chlorite ClO- Hypochlorite...
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