Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

1 ionic or molecular 2 does it need the roman numeral

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Unformatted text preview: H)2 Magnesium hydroxide TiCl4 Titanium(IV) chloride Ag2CO3 Silver carbonate Cs2SO3 Cesium sulfite Propane SO2 Sulfur dioxide C3H8 C2H6O2 SnSe2 Tin(IV) selenide 3*12.01+8*1.01= 2*(12.01)+6*1.01+2*16.0 FM=44.11 amu FM=62.08 amu H2O Formula Mass (FM) = 2 (1.01 amu) + 1 (16.00 amu) = 18.02 amu Ethylene glycol For molecular formulas the mass is called the molecular mass (MM). Magnesium hydroxide, Titanium(IV) chloride, Silver carbonate, Cesium sulfite, sulfur dioxide, Tin(IV) selenide Atom Accounting, Formula Mass, (and mass as a micro ⇔ macro converter) Nickel (II) Phosphate Or backwards (in Ch. 6)… Formula? _________ Atom counts: Ni ____ 3 2 P _____ 8 O _____ Mass Amounts (either g or amu) 3*58.69 Ni _____________ 2*30.97 P ______________ 8*16.00 O ______________ Total (FM)= ___________ 366.01 Exam 1 Count Down (5 more days) Check ICON for exam room assignment based on last name. We only have Ch. 5.9-acids left for Friday 14 g nitrogen & 32 g oxygen or think: 14 amu N, 32 amu O 14amu /(14 amu...
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