Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

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Unformatted text preview: ions MC5-prep due at 11:59 pm MC5 due Mon = at 11:59 pm but best to do it before exam. Naming Molecular Compounds (Do you have your exam calculator?) Naming from Formula-First Step Find the Category of the Compound Ionic compounds. 1. Metal + nonmetal(s). Binary ionic (eg NaCl) or compounds with polyatomic ions (eg KNO3). Ionic Formula-to-Name: Overview of Rules for Ionic Compounds • Strategy: identify cations and anion • Write systematic name by simply naming the ions if cation is: defined charge, “Type I – metals” metal name polyatomic ion = name of polyatomic ion variable charge, “Type II – metals” metal name(&charge) if anion is: nonmetal = stem of nonmetal name + ide polyatomic ion = name of polyatomic ion Molecular compounds. 2. 2 or more nonmetals (eg. CHCl3) Acids—Formula starts with H and contains nonmetals. Acids are molecular, but they behave as ionic when dissolved in water. Both binary (eg HCl) and oxyacids (eg H2SO4) exist. • Some ionic compounds have common...
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