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97 p 81600 o total fm 36601 exam

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Unformatted text preview: /N-atom)= 1 N 32 amu /(16 amu/ O-atom)= 2O Empirical formula ________ Molecular mass is 92 amu. What is the molecular formula? ________________________ Memorize polyatomic ions before Friday. We should have time to talk about the exam, bring questions. Definitely study Ch. 5 and finish homework ASAP. Use end of chapter questions and answers in back of book to quiz yourself on naming (without notes). Review session Sunday (enter through 3rd floor doors). I will post on ICON. 7 9/10/2013 Chemical Properties of Acids Chapter 5C - Atoms and Elements Acids are molecular compounds, BUT when dissolved in water, acids tend to dissociate (fall apart) and form H+ ions and anions (similar to ionic compounds.) Naming acids Some other properties of acids: •Taste sour •Dissolve many metals •such as Zn, Fe, Mg; but not Au, Ag, Pt •React with bases Binary acids Oxyacids Exam information Question/answer if time permits Categories of Acids • Binary acids have H+ • • cation and nonmetal anion Oxyacids have H...
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