Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

Chcl3 acidsformula starts with h and contains

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Unformatted text preview: names. These are only learned by experience NaCl = table salt, NaHCO3 = baking soda, etc. Types I & II Metal Cations “Type I” – Name using metal’s elemental name Metals whose ions only have one type of charge. Zn = 2+, Ag = +1. For example, NaCl is sodium chloride Type II -Name using metal’s elemental name and charge Lithium, Li. Copper, Cu. ______ Silver, Ag. ______ Metals whose ions can have two or more types of charge. Determine charge by charge on anion. (Since there is more than one possibility you need to tell name the charge too.) For example, FeCl3 is iron(III) chloride & FeCl2 is iron(II) chloride ______ KCl potassium chloride Tin, Sn. ______ Strontium, Sr. ______ 1A = +1, 2A = 2+, Al = 3+. Some need to be memorized. Groups 1A & 2A, and (Al, Zn, Ag). Determine charge by position on the periodic table. Determine if the Following Metals are Type I or Type II. If Type I, Determine the Charge on the Cation it Forms. (No you do not need to have symbols and names memorized for the exam.) M...
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