Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

Classify each of the following as electrons neutrons

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Unformatted text preview: hosphate- PO43In Mastering Chem: use subscript # then use superscript charge! (Do not use stacked super/subscript) Write a formula for ionic compound that forms between calcium and oxygen 1. Write the symbol for the metal cation and its charge followed by the symbol for the nonmetal anion and its charge. Obtain charges from the element’s group on the periodic table. Ca2+ O2− 2. Adjust the subscript on each cation and anion to balance the overall charge. (Smallest numbers, and ones are not written they are implied.) CaO 3. Check that the sum of the charges of cations: 1Ca = +2 the cations equals the sum of the anions: 1O = −2 charges of the anions. Total charge=0. 3 9/10/2013 Ionic Compound Formula Write the formula of a compound made from aluminum ions and oxide ions Write the symbol for the metal cation and its charge 1. Ba2+ Al+3 O2− Al2O3 Check that the total charge of the cations cancels the total charge of the anions 5. Subscript of cation is charge of anion. Al = (2)·(+3) = +6 O = (3)·(−2) = −6 6 + (-6) = 0 Ionic Compound Formula - + +2...
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