Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

Subscript of cation is charge of anion al 23 6 o

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Unformatted text preview: Charge Ba3 -3 N2 Subscript of anion is charge of cation. Ionic Compound Formula - + Ionic Compound of Mg and O Alkaline Earth (2a) Halide (7a) Sr2+ Cl- +2 N3- Ba3N2 Simplest Form (Check: 3*(+2) = +6 and 2*(-3) =-6, so 6-6=0, neutrality checks. Ionic Compound of Sr and Cl Subscript of cation is charge of anion. (5a) O2− column 6A Reduce subscripts to smallest whole number ratio 4. NG (2a) Charge (without sign) becomes subscript for other ion 3. Ionic Compound of Ba and N Al3+ column 3A Write the symbol for the nonmetal anion and its charge 2. - + Alkaline Earth (2a) (6a) Mg2 NG O2- NG + Charge Sr1 -1 Cl2 SrCl2 Simplest Form (Check: 1*(+2) = +2 and 2*(-1) =-2, so 2-2=0, neutrality checks. Practice — What are the formulas for compounds made from the following ions? Calcium ion with anion of bromine (bromide) Aluminum ion with anion of sulfur (sulfide) Ammonium (NH4+) cation with anion of sulfite (SO32-) Charge Mg2 O2 -2 Subscript of anion is charge of cation. Practice thinking in reverse— What is the charge of the cation? Aluminum cation with anion of hydroxide (OH-) +2 MgO Simplest Form (Check: 1*(+2) = +2 and 1*(-2) =-2, so 2-2=...
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