Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes

Write the name of the anion followed by the word acid

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Unformatted text preview: oric acid Phosphorous acid (aka phosphonic acid) H3PO3 HClO3 Hydrochloric acid Given ClO3- is a chlorate ion, write the formula for chlorous acid HC2H3O2 HClO2 acetic acid Some exam FYI Memorization advice Memorize the acids HCl , H2SO4, HNO3 And that know sulfate and nitrate Especially for chapter 5 use the end of chapter problems to quiz yourself. The blue answers are in the back of the book. (Remember to be realistic no notes). Question session Sunday, in W290. Format: 27 multiple choice questions , 90 min 1 or 2 questions from chapter 1 and about 6 or 7 questions each from chapters 2-5. The equation sheet is same as the one posted. Cover sheet will be similar. Seating will be every other seat. Please arrive early and follow the directions of the proctors. (See ICON for room assignments) You will only need: a simple calculator, pencils, and your ID card. Nothing else should be at your seats. Fairness is important. Report any suspicious behavior to proctors. Please comply with proctor requests. 9 9/10/2013 S...
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