Chapter 5 Chemistry Notes


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Unformatted text preview: les/principles_of_nomenclature.pdf 1 9/10/2013 Chemical Formula (continued II) If a chemical formula indicates the actual atomic composition of a molecule (with bonded atoms), it is called a molecular formula. H O C Polyatomic ions are set off as a group when writing chemical formula. For example, in the formula unit, Mg(NO3)2, the nitrate ion is treated as a group of atoms that together function as an anion, NO3-. O H Table salt is a collection of Na+ cations and Cl- anions into a crystalline solid. The smallest neutral collection is NaCl. O Mg2+ O _ O N O O Similarly, ammonium nitrate is written NH4NO3 and means: _ H H+ O N N H H O O (Memorize polyatomics in Table 5.6, unless contains Cr, Mn, or Cl) Atomic vs. Molecular vs. Ionic (more classifications) Write the Chemical formula of the following C3H8 Propane _ O N If a chemical formula indicates the smallest electrically neutral collection of ions (i.e. in a salt), it is called a formula unit. O C Some ionic formula units have collec...
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