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01 g c 6022 x 1023 c atoms 19697 how much gold 6 coins

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Unformatted text preview: oms 1mol 1 mol 1 ml or if we know density ⇒ 197 g = 10.2 mL 19.3g (We can convert: counting, mass, & volumes- BIG and small.) Fe 6 C 12.01 For macroscopic quantities, The Periodic Table is a mass to # of atom conversion chart! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_Eagle Examples of Conversions of Amounts: Given: (1 coin ~ 32.83 g) 26 55.85 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_Eagle Examples of Conversions of Amounts: 79 Au 79 Au and 196.97 2 coins How much gold? 2 coins 32.83g 2 coins = 65.7 g Au coin 1 mol 65.7 g 197g = 0.333mol Au 6.02x1023 = 2.01x1023 Au atoms 0.333 mol 1 mol 1 ml or if we know density ⇒ 65.7 g = 3.40 mL 19.3g 3 9/23/2013 Examples: Mass of Elements, Moles, Avogadro’s Number, and Density What’s next… Read chapter 6 One Copper penny contains 0.045 moles of Cu. Mastering Chemistry What is the mass of Cu in the penny? 0.045 Moles x 63.55 g = 2.9 grams mole moles ↔ grams How many Cu atoms in the penny? 29 MC6-prep due FRIDAY (note change) MC6 due next Monday Cu Check ICON for exam 1 results probably at the end of the day. 63.55 Good job on completing the first exam! 0.045 Moles x 6.022x1023 atoms = 2.4x1022 atoms 1 mole moles ↔ # atoms There are three more exams, so use the first exam as a learning experience so that you can improve on the next exams. You will see that these types of conversions are VERY useful in chemistry. The Mole ( a mass-to-atom converter) Chapter 6B - Chemical Composition (The Mole) The mole is a collection of (6.022x1023) objects and it enables easy conversion between atomic units and gram amounts. The mole enables us to use grams as easily as amu. gram Mass ⇔ moles ⇔ molecules ⇔ atoms Key tool to define mass and counting relationships Chemical formula ⇔ mass or # Molar mass Mass % Empirical vs Molecular formula 79 Au 196.97 The Mole ( a mass-to-molecule converter) We can also use a chemical formula or molecular structure to move between macroscopic mass and molecules. Example: How many molecules are in 1 lb (465 g) of ethylene glycol antifreeze? gra...
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