Chapter 6 Chemistry Notes

Mass molecules in g therefore amus simply count

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Unformatted text preview: hanol, CH4O, 12.01+4*1.01+16.00 = 32.05 amu or 32.05 g/mole! 1 molecule 1 mole of molecules 2 9/23/2013 Example of Conversions Chemical formula to mass conversion: My French chocolate cake book has nearly all quantities in mass units, even eggs! WHY? Wikipedia to the rescue … Mass to amount conversion: Given the reaction: CO + Cl2 COCl2 For molecules: 1-CO =28 amu + 1-Cl2 =71 amu & 1-COCl2 =99 amu Or macroscopic quantities (collections of 6.02x1023 =1 mole): 1 mole -CO = 28 g, 1 mole -Cl2 = 71 g & 1 mole -COCl2 = 99 g THAT WAS EASY! French Cake Baking For given masses of molecules, how many do you have? CO = 28 amu, Cl2 = 71 amu & COCl2 = 99 amu, ONE MOLECULE** For the given masses of molecules, how many do you have? CO = 28 g, Cl2 = 71 g & COCl2 = 99 g, ONE MOLE (1 mole= 6.022x1023 molecules) Jumbo eggs = 850 g/dozen Extra large eggs = 770 g/dozen Large eggs = 680 g/dozen Similarly different atoms have different masses…. (and mass is conserved). He Remember: C=12, O=16, 2*Cl=2*35.5 comes from the Periodic Table. (**We are ignoring different isotopes for now.) Molar Mass Au 197 amu 4 amu Examples (factors and/or equivalence) Mass of a dozen eggs depends on the type of eggs but each dozen has 12 eggs. Mass of a mole of atoms depends on the type of atoms but each mole has 6.022x1023 atoms. 79 Atomic Number (atom type) Au Atomic mass (amu or g/mol) 196.97 Atomic Mass (amu) is the average mass of the isotopes of an element as they are distributed in nature. = Molar Mass (g/mole) is mass of 1 mole of atoms of an element A very simple way to go from atomic to macroscopic! Molar Mass of Au is 196.97 g/mol 196.97 g Au = 6.022 x 1023 Au atoms 196.97 Molar Mass of Fe is 55.85 g/mol 55.85 g Fe = 6.022 x 1023 Fe atoms Given: 79 Au and Molar Mass of C is 12.01 g/mol 12.01 g C = 6.022 x 1023 C atoms 196.97 How much gold? 6 coins 32.83g 6 coins = 197 g Au 1 coin 1 mol 197 g 197g = 1 mol Au 6.02x1023 = 6.02x1023 Au at...
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