September 24 - September 24, 2007 The "Orientalizing...

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September 24, 2007 The “Orientalizing Revolution” and the Age of Tyrannies Greece and its neighbors: review o BA Extensive Minoan and Mycenaean trade with Egypt and the NE Settlements/outposts in Asia Minor, Cyprus LBA: collapse of civilizations, trade across east Mediterranean o Submycenaean-EIA Trade network attenuated or inoperative (exception: Lefkandi) Greeks settle Ionia (proximity to NE cultures) o Early Archaic Period Protocolonial (900-750) o Orientalizing Period (700-525) “Oriental” = pertaining to the east ( oriens , rising [sun]) Profound influences of larger Mediterranean world on Greece Some scholars call it the “Orientalizing Revolution” Poleis develop formal relationships with Egypt and NE Competition with Phoenicians; emporia; mercenaries; colonies o Major “Oriental” influences on Greek culture Itinerant craftsmen: bring skills, motifs on Greece Art: gorgons, sphinxes; animals (cf. NE paradeisos = paradise) Ruling classes of Greek poleis emulate NE rulers Luxury items: clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. Desire for “oriental”-style one-man-rule Tyranny in ancient Greece: origins o Definition: control of polis through non-traditional means Many poleis go through period of tyranny 700-500 BCE o The “Orientalizing” connection Words tyrannos probably of Lydian origin (state in Asia Minor) Earliest appearance of word in Greek: Archilochos of Paros 7 th century lyric poet (or Aegean poetic tradition)
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September 24 - September 24, 2007 The "Orientalizing...

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