This is a house jack built it sandy knows that chris

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Unformatted text preview: This is a house. Jack built it. Sandy knows that Chris is tall. Pat heard that Sandy knows that Chris is tall. Myths Myths 1. Some animals communicate just like 1. humans humans 2. Children learn language through 2. memorization memorization 3. Some languages are more ‘primitive’ 3. than others than 4. Writing is primary; speech only 4. secondary secondary 1.1 Animal Communication: Early Chimps & Washoe Early 1.2 Koko 1.2 1.3 Nim Chimsky 1.3 12% spontaneous 40% repetitions Nothing more than a 2 word sequence No initiation No turns No questions Clever Hans? 1.4 Kanzi 1.4 Pan Troglodytes vs Pan Pan Paniscus Pan Chimp vs. Bonobo Savage-Rumbaugh Savage-Rumbaugh claims more progress claims Parrots and dolphins? Parrots Par...
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