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Unformatted text preview: ew paperback.) paperback.) Learning & Evaluation Learning Where does linguistics fit in? Where “Linguistics, …, is part of cognitive psychology, Linguistics, ultimately human biology” Noam Chomsky, 1987 Institute Professor, MIT Institute Subfields of Linguistics - 1 Subfields Phonetics: the study of speech production and Phonetics: perception. perception. Speech is not the same as writing: [f] in cough, fox, telephone, suffer Subfields of Linguistics - 2 Subfields Phonology E.g. [t] and [th] [t] in English, French, and Chinese Subfields of Linguistics - 3 Subfields Morphology: word structure & formation cats grapes carrots carrots dogs melons ? zip – unzip *unfill horses oranges ? *hopenessless Subfields of Linguistics - 4 Subfields Syntax: clause formation and Syntax: interpretation interpretation Sandy told Chris to go to the store. Sandy promised Chris to go to the store I wonder who John expects to visit him....
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