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Syntax concepts course goals 3 course you will learn

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Unformatted text preview: nguages. (Syntax) concepts Course Goals -3 Course • You will learn about the way meaning is conveyed at the word You level, the clause level, and the level of the utterance. (Semantics and pragmatics.) and • You will learn about some applications of this theoretical You knowledge to the study of the brain, the study of language acquisition, language variation, and language change. acquisition, • You will be prepared to take upper division courses in the major or You minor in Linguistics. minor Text book Text Language Files. Materials for an Introduction to Language Language and Linguistics. Columbus: The Ohio State Language Columbus: University Press. University http://ling.ohio-state.edu/files/files.html A book that many students find interesting and useful as background is: • Pinker, S. (1994). The language instinct: how the mind creates Pinker, language. New York: Harper Collins. (I recommend you buy the language N...
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