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Ch. 12, 13, 46, 47 Jeopardy! CELL CYCLE: -Name 3 main differences in prokaryotic DNA and eukaryotic DNA. (400) - Prokaryotic: circular, single long DNA molecule, not in nucleus - Eukaryotic: linear, multiple chromosomes, in nucleus, bound by histones -Describe the difference between a diploid cell and a haploid cell and give an example of each (where it would be found) (200) - Diploid: 2 sets of chromosomes, they’re in pairs found in somatic cells - Haploid: 1 set of chromosomes, not in pairs found in gametes (egg and sperm) -Draw a chromosome that would illustrate the difference between a chromosome and chromatids. Label one chromosome, sister chromatids, and the centromere. (1000) -This phase of the cell cycle appears very similar to another, but it is actually preparing for mitosis. (200) - G2 phase (gap 2) - This stage of mitosis is the shortest stage, and begins when the sister chromatids are pulled apart and is also where the kinetochore molecules shorten. (200) - Anaphase - Differentiate between telophase and cytokinesis. (400) - Telophase: two daughter nuclei begin to form and the chromosomes become less condensed. Mitosis is now complete. - Cytokinesis: involves the formation of a cleavage furrow - What is the importance of cyclin-dependent kinases? (600) - Once the protein kinase binds to cyclin (now called MPF- maturation promoting factor), the cdk causes the cell to enter mitosis. - Compare/contrast density-dependent inhibition and anchorage inhibition in terms of cell growth. (800) -Density-dependent: Cells won’t divide if they’re crowded. However, cancer doesn’t show this type of inhibition. - Anchorage: cells will only divide when they’re attached (anchored) to something 1
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-What happens in each of the 3 phases of Interphase (aka not including the Mitotic phase)? (600)
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Ch._12_13_46_47_Jeopardy - Ch. 12, 13, 46, 47 Jeopardy!...

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