Lecture 14 & 15 - Active Listening & Social Support

A multi faceted concept that includes the ways in

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Unformatted text preview: 23 Cognitive Tradition • Both argued that people with strong social ties were protected from the potential pathogenic effects of stressful events. • The PERCEPTION of available support is more important to health and adjustment than the actual receipt of support. • Stress-buffering was found when perceived availability of social support matched the needs of the stressful event. 24 12 10/9/2012 Interpersonal Process Tradition • Research on the dynamics involved in the expression and receipt of social support. Including: • How support is elicited • Classification schemes of support provision and responses to received support • How mood affects social support 25 Three Primary Categories of Interpersonal Support 1. Emotional: 2. Informational: 3. Instrumental: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 26 13 10/9/2012 The Intervention Tradition First approach: teach care givers social support skills. • Upgrade the helping skills of informal community caregivers. Second approach: Creation of support groups. Third approach: Creation of one-on-one mentoring and coaching programs - The support was taken from the beneficiary’s existing network or grafted into it. 27 How Social Relationships Influence Health • Social relationships & support affect mental and physical health by influencing emotions, cognitions, and behaviors. • Affects health by communicating: • • • • what is expected appropriate norms rewards and punishments provision of coping assistance 28 14 10/9/2012 How Social Relationships Influence Health (continued) Affects risk for, progression of, and recovery from illness by influencing behaviors such as: • • • • • Diet Exercise Smoking, Alcohol & drug use Sleep Adherence to medications 29 Social Support: Key Terms Main Effects versus Buffer Effects • Main effects: • Buffer effects: 30 15 10/9/2012 Social Support: Key Terms Threshold versus Gradient • Gradient: • Threshold: 31 Social Support: Key Terms Invisible Support • Invisib...
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