Lecture 13 - Communicating Nonverbally

B ive been keeping busy a well its been good talking

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Unformatted text preview: ? B: I’ve been keeping busy A: Well, it’s been good talking to you B: Yeah, it has A: See you B: Bye What is Nonverbal Communication? All All messages expressed by nonlinguistic means All All communication not expressed by words – Indicative of the complexity of nonverbal 2 10/3/2012 Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication Guided Guided by Rules – We’re so indoctrinated in these rules, we usually can’t even tell you what they are – But, we know them when we see someone break them Rules Rules Guided by Culture – The way things are done here may be quite different elsewhere Guided by Culture 3 10/3/2012 Nonverbal Communication Codes A way of categorizing way nonverbal communication Each Each “code” may have different meanings, rules, and cultural variation...
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