Lecture 13 - Communicating Nonverbally

Proxemics 4 intimate distance 0 18 0reserved for

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Unformatted text preview: Some Some touches are accidental 6 10/3/2012 Nonverbal Codes 4. Proxemics: 4. – Intimate distance (0-18”) (0reserved for intimate relationships – Personal distance (18”-4’) (18”reserved for normal conversational distance – Social distance (4’-12’) (4’reserved for professional or formal interactions such as business transactions – Public distance (12’-25’+) (12’reserved reserved for public audiences Nonverbal Codes 5. 5. Artifacts: 6. 6. Physical Appearance: 7. 7. Smell: 7 10/3/2012 Nonverbal Codes 8. Chronemics: 8. – Time is related to status and power differences between individuals (e.g., who waits for who?) 9. 9. Environment: Some Some Cultural Differences 8 10/3/2012 Functions of Nonverbal Communication Functions of Nonverbal Communication 9 10/3/2012 Ways that verbal and nonverbal messages work together 10...
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