Lecture 6 - Initiating Interaction, Small Talk & Self-Disclosure

The onion metaphor measured in breath of topics

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Unformatted text preview: The Onion Metaphor •Measured in breath of topics discussed and depth of topics discussed •We have expectations as to what is and what is not enough disclosure The degree to which you self-disclose controls the social penetration described by the model 10 8/29/2012 The Johari Window As previously discussed, the Johari Window suggests that some parts of our selves are open to self-reflection and sharing, while others remain hidden. As we choose to disclose, the open self becomes larger, and the hidden self becomes smaller; when we withhold disclosures we achieved the opposite result. How to effectively self-disclose • Know your audience - If you are unsure about how they will take it, don't disclose. • Don't force others to disclose, if they don't reciprocate, don't disclose much deeper. • Go slowly. 11 8/29/2012 How to effectively self-disclose • Be sensitive to cultural difference. • Be honest. • Be consistent with your verbal and non-verbal communication. How to effectively self-disclose • Be sure your content is relevant. • Be sure your topic is relevant. • Be sure the amount and type of disclosures are appropriate. • Estimate the effects of the disclosure on your relationship. 12...
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