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Lecture 10 - Involuntary Relationships

On complementary roles example example parentparent

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Unformatted text preview: tary roles Example Example ParentParent-Child Relationships The The function of the parent-child is mutual parentsocialization. Affection Affection and support messages should be the first priority, and control and discipline messages should come after. 7 9/18/2012 Development of Attachment Styles Secure Secure: Anxious Anxious: Avoidant Avoidant: Siblings Siblings Siblings Siblings have a more egalitarian relationship, act as companions and are a good source of social support Changes Changes over the lifespan – Childhood-Adolescence Childhood– Early-Middle Adulthood Early– Old Age 8 9/18/2012 Workplace Relationships Definition Definition: Organizational Organizational position and power are largely determinant of who you form workplace relationships with Types of Organizational Relationships Professional Professional Peers: people holding positions of organizational status and power similar to our own MixedMixed-Status relationships: relationships between coworkers of diff...
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