Lecture 10 - Involuntary Relationships

Protection usually defined through family

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Unformatted text preview: ction usually defined through family communication rules: family boundary conditions governing what family members can talk about, how, and who should have access to family-relevant familyinformation 5 9/18/2012 HusbandHusband-Wife Relationships Quality Quality of communication is the best predictor of satisfaction in the marriage Traditional couples: Traditional couples: highly interdependent, share conventional views of marriage and family life, engage in conflict on a fairly regular basis, and increased disclosure is very important Example Example HusbandHusband-Wife Relationships Independent couples: Independent couples: unconventional views of marriage, expressive emotionally, are only moderately interdependent experience increased levels of self-disclosure selfExample Example 6 9/18/2012 HusbandHusband-Wife Relationships Separate couples: Separate couples: more autonomous, have conservative views of marriage, avoid conflict as much as possible, and take on complemen...
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