Lecture 1 - Introduction To Interpersonal Communication

Relationship information how you view your bond it can

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Unformatted text preview: relationship information   Content information: Actual meaning of the words you exchange.   Relationship information: How you view your bond.   It can be both intentional and unintentional 7 8/26/12 Principles of Interpersonal Communication irreversible.   It is __________ ● Every time you communicate interpersonally, you and the other person affect your relationship and future communication. dynamic   It is ____________ ethics   It is intertwined with ________ Principles of Interpersonal Communication: Communication is Regulatory   Guided by rules and guided by culture   Through interpersonal communication we can persuade, dissuade, anger, hurt, comfort, soothe, entertain, or bore one another 8 8/26/12 The Value of Interpersonal Communication   Increases job success   Improves relationships with family and friends   Improves academic performance   Self-actualization – becoming the best you can be 9...
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