Writing An Argument

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Unformatted text preview: reveals the mainstream view but also affirms it because when consumers buy the adver7sed products, one indirectly approves of the adver7sements, and therefore contributes to keeping and reproducing certain representa7ons. H ence, adver7sements destroy the possibility of a society where both genders are equal. Sample Essay – Pro Paragraph 2 Secondly, adver7sements present unacainable body images both for men and women, and thus create an insecure society. Everywhere adverEsements tell the audience what it means to be a desirable man or woman, just as directly as the adverEsement that claims, “Image is everything”. For a man, the message is: Y ou need to be athleEc. I t seems that whether a man is twenty or forty, whether he has brown or silver hair, an athleEc body is indispensable for a strong, powerf...
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