Writing An Argument

I t is especially in car adver7sements that these

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Unformatted text preview: the ulEmate end and turns a gear in the consumer society, but it is a decepEon that is ethically unacceptable. The adverEser not only pushes the public deeper into consumpEon, but also disillusions it with false messages. The conclusion one needs to draw from these is that adver,sements are detrimental. Sample Essay – Pro Paragraph 1 It is clear that adver7sements manipulate viewers; first of all, they destroy societal balance as they draw on gender stereotypes. Frequently adver7sements make use of archetypes and myths for the sake of making the message striking and memorable. Thus, it is a common prac7ce to represent women as decora7ve objects at home who are submissive to men. S tudies have iden7fied that in adver7sing women are less oXen used in wo...
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