Writing An Argument

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Unformatted text preview: Eng that your opponent’s reasoning is wrong because it is based on incorrect or misleading informaEon 2. Irrelevant: showing that your opponent’s viewpoint is inappropriate and unrelated because it is not relevant to the key point 3. Insufficient: showing that your opponent’s reasoning is weak because it is based on insufficient informaEon or ignores significant informaEon. ParEally agree with the opponent’s point of view but on the whole prove that it is weak Counterargument and RefutaEon 1. O pponents of R TÜK claim that censorship limits and also controls the way people feel and think. T hey argue that such an insEtuEon contradicts the ideals of democracy. T his idea is flawed because organizaEons such as R TÜK do not aim to control what people watch, but rather aim...
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