Writing An Argument

Incorrect demonstraeng that your opponents reasoning

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Unformatted text preview: strategies to influence the media during their elecEon campaigns. 8. ________ There are two main ways of manipulaEon in print media; false balancing, which means focusing on only one side of an argument; and slighEng of the content, which aims at giving so much emphasis to style and so liMle to the actual substance. Time to PracEce! Write an argumentaEve thesis statement for each of these topics. 1. social media 2. technology and communicaEon Stage 2 GeneraEng Ideas STAGE 2: G ENERATING I DEAS Awer formulaEng your argumentaEve thesis statement, you need to brainstorm a variety of supporEng ideas, counter arguments and ways to refute these opposing views. When SupporEng your Argument One important concern in wriEng an argumentaEve essay is to strengthen your argument. To do this, you need to base your argument on sound evidence....
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