Writing An Argument

It is true that adversements inform the consumers on

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Unformatted text preview: sements that companies working on the same line can display their products on the market equally and fairly. However, this idea cannot go further than being an immature claim because this rivalry is unfair. It is only the companies who can “afford” broadcas@ng strong propaganda of their product that can actually survive in this compe@@ve environment. In that sense, small companies are des@ned to be wiped out from the market. Proponents of adver7sements may also assert that consumers become more “aware” and “conscious”. This posi7on goes on to say that adver7sements help the undecided customers come to a decision seeing all the available products on the media. This point has merits on the surface and could be acceptable to an extent. It is true that adver,sements inform the consumers on the ava...
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